3 thoughts on “Radio Interview with Two Wheel Power Hour

  1. pete knodel

    Good show, I listened to it and checked your site. I am putting in my Christmas list . Do we get a discount for hearing it on the show? I do have one question, I ride a 2013 concours with risers and drawbacks which put me a bit more upright. Should I stay with the sportbike style

    • shawn

      Thanks for your interest. For your question as to which style of Moto-Skiveez, with a more upright riding position I have been suggesting the Cruiser brief. The criteria I use for this is; if you find yourself standing or moving forward and back on the saddle quite a bit then I recommend the Adventure. If you find yourself crouched more forward and will lean aggressively or contact the tank with your thighs I suggest Sport. But for a more universal touring, upright style where you may not be moving a whole lot on the saddle the Cruiser is a very good option. I hope that helps.

  2. dennis brown

    i enjoyed the show on 9-8 i rode the isdtrr and it was a good one! i have ridden 15 or 16 i an=m not sure!. the event in croombs arkansas will be a good one.zane lewis is doing it .he has alot of exp. in putting on a good event. it is very rocky there,keep up the good work dennis

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