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About Moto-Skiveez

MOTO-SKIVEEZ “Comfort Undergarments for Motorcycling”

My name is Shawn Lupcho and I am the creator of Moto-Skiveez. I’m confident that Moto-Skiveez‘ patent pending designs will improve your motorcycle riding comfort.

Moto-Skiveez evolved from the combined experience of over twenty years as a competitive cyclist and almost 35 years as an avid motorcyclist.

I acquired my first motorcycle at age 11. As many of you know, riding motorcycles at an early age becomes a lifelong addiction that is difficult, if not impossible, to kick. Since that first motorcycle countless makes and models have come and gone. My current addiction is long distance touring, riding long days on a motorcycle through new and unique places.

I’ve ridden many days from sun up to sun down in all types of weather. From freezing Utah winters to triple digit western desert summers. I’ve ridden from Washington State to Florida and through much of Europe. These experiences pale in comparison to many…I mention them only to illustrate that my desire to improve riding comfort stems from many diverse experiences.

How does bicycle racing fit in? As a cyclist, it amazed me how I could complete a training ride one day with virtually no discomfort from the saddle. Then on a separate day, riding the same route, on the same bike I would have a substantial degree of discomfort. I realized the difference was due to the quality of my riding shorts. Different shorts absolutely affect riding comfort.
The area of contact between a rider and the saddle is a critical factor. Most competitive cyclists train every day. If a problem presents itself in the area of contact (saddle sores or a rash), resolving that issue is difficult; prevention is the key. To achieve this, many technical textiles and designs have emerged in the world of professional cycling.

When it comes to riding discomfort, there are numerous similarities between a bicycle and a motorcycle. Many riders alter their saddle in an attempt to improve comfort, even adding gels pads, sheepskins or lattice beads. In most cases this works to a degree. However, regardless of the shape, firmness, design or material between the motorcycle and rider, if the area of contact (skin) becomes irritated, the rider will be uncomfortable. This is where Moto-Skiveez differs from anything currently on the market.

In creating Moto-Skiveez, I’ve enlisted the design expertise of the TMF research facility in Verona, Italy. TMF is renowned for the quality and innovation they’ve applied to creating bicycling pads. They have a research center inside the company for the purpose of developing original and innovative solutions to improve riding comfort and performance. TMF has been at the forefront of design for more than thirty years. thermal view of a body
Their proprietary process utilizes thermal imaging camera systems placed between the rider and the saddle to measure body temperature in the prostatic/perineal area. They also use computerized sensors that reveal pressure applied at the points of contact. This helps determine the correct type of material to be incorporated into the pad. Moto-Skiveez has employed this technology to create three unique pads, each targeted to a specific style of motorcycle riding.

Each unique pad is sewn into a high quality undergarment designed to be worn next to the skin like regular briefs. This base garment is comprised of two different fabrics. The first is a fabric was chosen to provide moisture wicking. The second is a mesh fabric selected to facilitate breathability. The use of the different combination of fabrics creates a base garment that is optimized for moisture management and breathability.

The best product is one that achieves the correct balance between comfort and functionality for your style of riding. Comfort requires protection and resistance against irritation. Functionality requires breathability, moisture management and body temperature management. Achieving balance between comfort and functionality requires developing the optimal form and then using the best materials.

Regardless of what or how you ride, I hope you enjoy your Moto-Skiveez.


Shawn Lupcho