Cruiser Skiveez »


  • 1 Surface Fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment
  • 2 4mm square perforated foam throughout. 3mm open cell foam in left and right sections main body
  • 3 6mm reticulated high density foam positioned in pelvic and tail bones

Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez CRUISER pad is comprised of five layers; a base layer of malinga cloth, three different foam densities and a top covering infused with silver ions to inhibit bacterial and fungal formation.

It is manufactured with the firmest foam molded into an elliptical shape under the tail bone area and the left & right pelvic bones.

The front of the pad is contoured to extend forward on both sides in half-elliptical protrusions to fit under the bottom of the legs.

With more pressure on the tailbone area due to the legs being forward, this pad shifts pressure adsorption from the inner thigh to the center of the buttocks and lower thighs.

Also this pad is contoured to add comfort across the entire seating area. Because of this, this design serves as a universal comfort garment. It performs quite well for passenger riders as well as ATV riders.