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  • 1 Surface Fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment
  • 2 4mm square perforated foam throughout. 6mm memory foam main body. 3mm perforated memory foam legs
  • 3 Convex corrugations and horizontal ribs impede irritation

Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez SPORT pad for the sport bike style is comprised of five layers.

It’s construction includes a base malinga cloth, three different foam types and a silver ion infused covering.

It is specifically engineered for the forces exerted by quick accelerations, firm braking and severe cornering experienced with today’s sport bikes.

The padding in the main contact area for this design has seven herring-bone impressions.

There are three pad strips in each of these leg extensions to give inner thigh comfort when the rider grips the fuel tank with their legs.

Because the rider is in a more aggressive and forward leaning position, firmer foam is used in the front of the pad where the buttock padding ends and the inner and lower thigh padding starts.