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From “Throttle Mojo” customer feedback;

Throttle Mojo

“Throttle Mojo” Customer Review


From Simon Thomas;

Skiveez on the beach

Simon Thomas review on his website


ADV review on their website

Moto-Skiveez Padded Motorcycle Shorts


From Keith Boyd, Southern France/Morocco


Just back from a 10 day ride into Spain from France which took in lots of off road dusty trails. First thing noted was that,when I saw other riders standing up,I realized I wasn’t!  (I’d find myself standing after an hour or so when wearing cycle shorts).

Only at the end of a full days ride did my butt get somewhat numb,that really has to be expected. I recommended to the group that I was riding with that they should try them.

As stated elsewhere they breath really well,even in 33c of sun in the town centre of Zaragoza! At the end of the day when removed no odor was present…in fact they didn’t need to be washed in my whole 10 day ride.



From Josh Remer, Tiny bikes Big Change, ride across Arizona on <100cc Bikes;

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We wore Moto-Skiveez on our trip across AZ. On small displacement motorcycles. Our first day was a long hot ride in 106 degree heat across a stretch of the Mohave desert. Not only did Moto-Skiveez keep us comfortable sitting for hours on end, we stayed cool and the Skiveez were amazingly breathable! Thanks so much! They definitely made our riding adventure more comfortable!!


From EddyWoodGo
Eddy OX

I picked up a pair of moto-Skivees at overland expo. Have had quite a few days in the saddle now to comment. In short, or in my new shorts my bitten end has never been happier. Many of the days since I have had them have been over 100 degs. Moister wicking exceptional. Padding is very good. You can wash them in the shower and wear them the next day. I also did a 20 mile hike in them. Very comfy for this as well. Means I have now ditched two pairs of other shorts. I have also used them as swimming shorts and not got arrested for indecency. I just hope my butt don’t look big in them lol. moto Skivees have my thumbs up!

From Dougfromindy on ADVRider forum,

Just wanted to tell you these Moto-Skiveez did great on my week long riding trip in North Carolina.
I used the ADV style and bike is an 09 WR250X supermoto. Its not the best seat in the world you know.
I ran 400 mile days, 8/10/12 hours on the bike, toasted a set of tires. My butt was fine.
These were better than expected. I am a heavy guy , 275 #s, 44″ waist, I used XXL size, not too tight on me, not at all like “compression shorts” I have tried in the past. I got me out riding everyday all week.
Deals Gap, Cherohala Skyway, Moonshiner US 28 into several states.
Great Product passed my riding challenge with flying colors.
thanks, Doug

From JTWY on forum.
Moto Skiveez Review:

Howdy Folks ,
I tested out the Moto Skiveez on Friday . My wife and I rode 137 miles about 60% off road and 40% on road . It was about 75 degrees and sunny . The Moto Skiveez worked great . It helped a lot with the areas I was getting sore in . They were comfortable , kept cool and they provided just enough extra padding where I needed it . On Saturday night about 6:30 pm I washed the Moto Skiveez and hung them on a clothes rack in my spare room . Sunday morning at 8:00 am they were dry and my wife and I rode 70.5 miles both on and off road and the temp was around the same as Friday . Washed them again Sunday night around 7:00 Pm and wore them again on Monday to go to a friends BBQ , that ride was only about 39 miles round trip on pavement . It was hotter on Monday yet the Moto Skiveez still felt cool .
I had my doubts at first , but after using this product I can say they did help me a lot . I’m probably going to get another pair .


I have had my Skiveez for a few months now. I just came back from a ride this morning and just had to tell you that I am still very much in awe on how wearing them made me enjoy my bike more. I had visions of spending hundreds of dollars to get a custom seat made and now I will not have to. My bike is an BMW F800ST built in 2010. As you know most seats on bikes are made to fit a few buts and if yours fit then you are lucky. I am a happy user,     Thank you for providing a needed product.
A. Roskam


….I first heard of your product/organization through an ad in the back of I believe a BMW Owners News. From there I went to your website and researched… I’ve struggled for a long time to find the right riding underwear, everything else has seams where they do not belong. The only ones out there other than yours is the LD Comfort, which are in my opinion, not quite as comfortable as Moto-Skiveez. I recently did a memorial iron butt ride for Curt Gran to the Moonshine Lunch Run. Half way through I switched to the Skiveez and it was very noticeable how much they help in adding comfort. This proved to me that I needed a second, possibly third pair. I currently have the sport version, but will be trying the adventure version next. Thanks again for developing/distributing a very useful product, one that actually works!
M. Herbert

From “psmcd” ADVRider forum
9 hours in the saddle yesterday. Nary a thought of my nether. If you’re reading this thread, thinking about buying Skiveez, just do it. They are worth the money.

From “Craneguy” ADVRider forum
Got my Skiveez and hat. Great product!Rode 600km in them last week and the temperature was 38c (100f) I got home and tossed the Skiveez aside meaning to hand-wash them later. I’m a batchelor, so of course I forgot.When I spotted them a couple of days later I approached with trepidation; I expected them to jump out and bite me. Armed with my helmet and barbecue tongs I picked them up and to my surprise there was no odor at all! AT ALL!Anyway, comfortable, resistant to nuclear ass-stank and stylish by the pool. Get your Skiveez now! Women will love you, and men will want to be you. Probably.

From “Philthy” ADVRiver forum
Best moto-undies ever: Moto-Skiveez

Just wanted to alert everyone to product I just tried. They’re called Moto-Skiveez and it’s a brand new company making motorcycle-specific underwear with some pretty advanced materials and tech. I got a pair of the Adventure model and spent 3 days in the desert and wore them every day. I usually wear bike shorts with chamois, but can only ride with them one day due to odor and them not drying out overnight. Putting on wet, stinky drawers before a ride sucks .I know the topic of underwear isn’t that exciting, but whenever I’m on a long motorcycle trip, it’s always my a$$ that’s the most uncomfortable during and at trip’s end . Looks like the Skiveez may be the perfect solution… these things are stellar. Check them out! They have different models for sport or cruiser riding too.Disclaimer: I’m not a vendor or make any money off of these. I have met the owner Shawn and he’s a very energetic and great guy and I think he’s onto something good here