Compression Riding Socks

Wearing Moto-Skiveez® Compression Riding Socks during long rides, will help your lower legs feel more comfortable and supported.

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The real benefit of wearing graduated compression socks happens at a deeper level. All Moto-Skiveez® Compression Riding Socks use the science of standard graduated compression. This means compression is strongest at the ankle and decreases further up the calf muscle This compression acts as a layer of muscle, gently squeezing stretched vein walls. This helps to fight the force of gravity and circulate the blood back to the heart more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. This helps muscles to regenerate more efficiently, and assist in removing any lactic acid that is built up.

Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Sock with Aloe

Protect Your Legs With Moto-Skiveez Compression Socks! Get Yours Today

Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks are constructed using an anti-microbial Aloe fiber

Fabric Technology

40% Aloe Fiber

Innovations in the textile field have allowed us to embed the benefits of Aloe Vera  fiber into our riding socks.” Moto-Skiveez® “Compression Riding Socks” are constructed using an anti-microbial fiber that improves the transport of moisture and help to reduce bacterial growth on the skin.

Customer Review

BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois

Excellant moisture wicking material leaving your feet feeling fresh! – Kirk Johnson

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Protect Your Legs With Moto-Skiveez Compression Socks! Get Yours Today