Moto-Skiveez® Dealer Agreement

Moto-Skiveez®’ mission is to provide the best, most innovative comfort undergarments for motorcycle riding. Ensuring a great fit between the Moto-Skiveez® brand and the Dealers who represent it is critical to our mutual success. To maintain active dealer status the following must be complied with; presentation of brand, third party reselling policy, order frequency/ amount, minimum advertised price and payment terms.

Active Dealer Status

1. Brand Integrity.    We require that the Moto-Skiveez® brand and products are presented in a professional manner.
In-Store: Moto-Skiveez® can offer Point-of-Purchase displays and merchandising options to ensure that Dealers present Moto-Skiveez® products in an organized, cohesive manner.
Online and Print: Moto-Skiveez® products presented online or in print must show the current product images and Moto-Skiveez® logo. Images must be clear and in-focus. All Moto-Skiveez® products must be identified with the Moto-Skiveez® brand name.

2. Third Party Reselling.    Moto-Skiveez® does not authorize third party retailing (the practice of an unauthorized Moto-Skiveez® Dealer selling Moto-Skiveez® products to another retailer). Authorized Moto-Skiveez® Dealers may market Moto-Skiveez® products on third party websites provided said Dealer is clearly identified and fulfills the order. Those Dealers who engage in third party retailing by selling Moto-Skiveez® products to other retailers will lose their Dealer status immediately and will no longer be allowed to sell Moto-Skiveez® products.

3. Pricing.     All Moto-Skiveez® pricing is subject to change with 30 days written notice. Please contact Moto-Skiveez® Customer Service with any questions.

4. Minimum Advertising Price (MAP).    Moto-Skiveez® expects that all Moto-Skiveez® products, except as otherwise noted, will be advertised at MSRP. Authorized Moto-Skiveez® Dealers who advertise at prices equal to or greater than Moto-Skiveez®’ MSRP on a day-in, day-out basis may participate in periodic promotional discounts. Under the MAP program, Dealers may advertise to sell all Moto-Skiveez® products at Moto-Skiveez®’ MAP Price (10% off MSRP) for a period of not more than two weeks per promotional period and shall not exceed two promotional campaigns per calendar year. Promotions must be separated by a period of at least 90 days.

5. Order Amounts.   The minimum initial order for new Moto-Skiveez® Dealers is 15 pairs of Shorts, Tights or Shirts in any combination.

6. Payment.    Moto-Skiveez® requires prepayment at time of order.

7. Shipping.    Orders ship within two – five business days after receipt. Expedited orders placed by US Dealers before 10am (PT) will ship the same day. Expedited orders placed after 10am will ship the following business day. Standard shipping within the contiguous United States is FedEx Ground service, with freight charges prepaid and added to the invoice. Refused shipments will incur a 20% restocking fee applied against the order total, plus freight charges to and from the Dealer’s location.

8. Shipping Discrepancies & Shortages.    Shipping discrepancies, shortages, or invoicing errors must be reported to Moto-Skiveez® Customer Service within three (3) business days of shipment receipt.

9. Moto-Skiveez® Guarantee.    Moto-Skiveez® guarantees all of our products against defects in materials and craftsmanship. Please note this guarantee does not cover damage caused by neglect, misuse, or normal wear. Moto-Skiveez® reserves the right to replace the item at our discretion.

10. Warranty & Returns.    If one of your customers wants to make a return due to quality, please provide them with a credit or exchange per your store’s policy. Then, contact Moto-Skiveez® Customer Service and we will credit your account.

11. Other Terms.    The terms specified herein are the only terms under which Moto-Skiveez® will sell our merchandise. We do not agree to terms and conditions stipulated on a buyer’s purchase order or similar documents unless an agreement is reached in writing and signed by an authorized representative of Moto-Skiveez®.

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