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Adventure Skiveez is our ADVENTURE style Moto-Skiveez® developed for a riding position where the knee drops over the seat and below the hip joint. This riding position places additional weight bearing and pressure in the area of the inner thighs/upper groin. The ADVENTURE style motorcycle shorts are optimized to reduce chafing in this area.

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Moto-Skiveez Adventure Skiveez underwear provides long lasting comfort while adventure-touring on your dual sport motorcycle+Moto-Skiveez Tri-Fold Grey
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Pressure reducing undergarment for adventure bike riding

We all share the love of the open road, the hum of the engine and the freedom of the adventure ride. But the aches and pains that go along with it? No thanks! Do yourself a favor and make riding super comfy with our innovative Moto-Skiveez Adventure underwear, designed to leave those pesky pains in the dust.

The Moto-Skiveez pad for the Adventure style will revolutionize your riding, providing long lasting comfort while adventure-touring on your dual sport motorcycle. Move from sitting to standing, shifting back and forth, and long hours in the saddle without the discomfort.


Moto-Skiveez Technical Underwear
Designed to the highest manufacturing standards using four needle flat seam construction.
Double layered fabric in groin section to provide ultimate comfort and tactile softness.
Mesh fabric construction to provide maximum breathability in critical areas.
Wicking fabric chosen to provide optimum moisture management.

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Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez ADVENTURE pad is comprised of a base malinga cloth, three different types of foam and a silver ion infused covering.

Surface fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment.

Moto-Skiveez ADVENTURE pad layers

4mm square perforated foam throughout. 6mm memory foam main body. 3mm perforated memory foam in legs.

The padding in the seating area of this design has multiple densities formed with both concave and convex elliptical curves. This feature provides added comfort as the rider moves forward and back.

Both convex and concave corrugations with vertical ribs impede irritation.

Constructed with two padded extensions, positioned on the inner thigh of each leg. These extensions have vertical padded ribs with ventilation openings to counteract friction and chafing from repeated standing and seating experienced by aggressive off-road riding.

Moto-Skiveez ADVENTURE pad layers
Adventure Bike Riding Position

Adventure Motorcycle

Riding Style

Our Moto-Skiveez Adventure is developed for a motorcycle riding position where the knee drops over the seat and below the hip joint. This riding position places additional weight and pressure on the inner thighs and upper groin.

The ADVENTURE style is optimized to reduce chafing. Recommended motorcycles for this style are both modern dual sport and classic motorcycles as well as many modern sport touring motorcycles and dirt bikes. This design functions best for any riding style where you may experience discomfort in the inner thigh region as well as the main seating area.

60 reviews for Adventure Skiveez

  1. Rob (verified owner)

    Have a few rides on my new Moto Skiveez and they work great! I used them on both my dual sport and my dirt bike. On both bikes I don’t feel the pain in my rear like I used to at the end the ride. The padding is much larger than the old bicycle shorts I used to use for riding.

    Thanks again, Rob

  2. Ben

    Got the Adventure one for my Triumph Tiger 800xc. Works great! Everything stayed in its place while standing, sitting, on and off the bike. The big thing for me is that is low cut! Most other brands i tried go way too high on my waist and had to fold them down. Padding felt weird at first but I am used to it now and like it. I wish they have 34-36 sizing. I wear 36 jeans and got the XL feels little large but it works.

  3. Les

    I have 2 rides on my new Moto Skiveez and its the first time that I am not squirming around on my R1200GSWC after an hour of straight riding. The elastic keeps my sack from getting crunched up against my tank and the extra padding in the bum keeps it from getting too soar and numb. Awesome addition to my riding gear!

  4. Ken

    Love the product. Probably adds 30% or a bit more to my riding distance without feeling discomfort. I ride a 2012 Vstrom 650. Over 40,000 km on the bike already so I do take some longer rides. 800-1000km days happen on occasion. Appreciated them on a recent 6,000km rode to the maritimes. (Use wipes when visiting the washroom and give them a daily wile with a damp cloth so they will be dry in the morning while on the road). Previously had tried bike shorts but the foam is not in the right place and bike shorts are not vented nearly as nicely as these. Great value and solid construction. One comment. Extend the length slightly and make them look less like underwear (shrink the waitband logo?). I normally wear them under my overpants and it would be nice to pop off the overpants and have them look more like bike shorts. Looking forward to the female version this summer for my wife!

  5. Richard (verified owner)

    Wow bought the Adventure Skiveez. Went From Stafford to North of Hanover(Bergen) Germany 10 hours in the saddle and 13 hours overall had Bbq, overnight sleep then back the next day! Felt as fresh as a daisy! No squirming or chafing. Need to order a back up pair. Well worth the Dollar!

  6. Mark Walters (verified owner)

    I can highly recommend these shorts as a solution for monkey butt. On my first long dual sport ADV ride (5k+ miles), I suffered greatly from chafing/rash. High zinc diaper cream is something I would rather not revisit.

    So in come these shorts. On my next big ride for 4K+ miles, I exclusively used these shorts combined with an Alaskan butt leather sheepskin. The combo absolutely worked. No monkey butt at all. These are fast and easy to clean while ADV camping and they dry out quickly. I’m also a fan of the their tri-fold hat. Great job guys.

  7. Jenson

    Perfect fit!! I’ve tried another brand and was disappointed by the fit. They had a very high waist band and a strange feeling with the padding. These Moto-Skiveez are perfect for shorter waisted guys and the padding is in the perfect place for the sitz bones which felt like my ass regrew. I won’t feel like I’m sitting on bone now. There is also enough room for our junk to feel comfortable without being confined. Sizing is precise so if you wear medium underwear a medium Skiveez is perfect. I’m 66 and like a lot of us we lose the padding in the butt. It’s winter in Maine right now but I can’t wait to ride without a sore butt. This product is a definite winner and if you’ve got a bony ass well worth the bucks.

  8. Bill

    I own a pair of the ADV model and love em!!! I have a quality aftermarket seat and these take comfort up another level. I can ride all day. I used high-end bicycle shorts in the past and these are better much designed for riding motorcycles. Just buy em & don’t look back!!!

  9. Kyle

    Bought a pair just before a week plus trip to CO and UT. I like where the padding is, better than a normal bicycle short. However, I have two things that I think would be a big improvement. They need to have longer legs, while they don’t really bunch up, they are more boxer brief length than performance underwear, like those you’d wear for athletics or like most bike shorts. I wish they were thigh length. I wish the fabric was just a touch thicker with more compression too, that really helps with all day comfort and performance.

  10. Richard (verified owner)

    I got my 2 pairs of Adventure style Skiveez late last summer (2015) and now after a good few long rides I thought I would let you know how I am getting on with them.

    Previously, I have been troubled over the last few years with Prostate problems (BPH) and had gone through modifying my seat profile and even about 18 months ago getting a decent orthopaedic gel seat insert added shaped so that it did not put pressure on my perineum / prostate, all to no avail :-(

    Well the Moto-Skiveez – THEY WORK and now I find that they have now extended my riding distance so that the seat burn I have previously encountered now coincides with a tank refill (~230 miles – Versys 650).

    Previously this was about an hour (~60 miles), when I then had to stop and have short walk to get things going again.

    To ensure that it was not just me getting better, I did similar distances without them and the old problems come back with a vengeance :-((

    In addition, I have got some of your compression riding socks as I had also found that I had been getting cramp in my lower legs when doing this sort of miles previously. Well they also WORK.

    Yes the pants are quite expensive for what they are, but for me they do work and have brought the pleasure back into my adventure riding.

  11. Kevin Woody

    I’m a BDR board member and route boss for the east coast series of BDR’s and I have used Moto-Skiveez’s for a few years now and I can’t say how much I like them. I ride apx. 8,000 to 10,000 miles a year of dual sport riding and I would never consider EVER not riding with them. It has made the long 250-350 mile off road scout trips tollorable and SOOOO much more comfortable. Thank you guys!!!

  12. Randy Warren (verified owner)

    I never head out on my day trips nor my multi day trips with taking my moto- skiveez’s.. The make a big difference.. 300 plus miles day after day and no iron butt…. Great for on and off road…
    Just recently bought the Moto Skiveez’s long sleeve shirt. Have only tried it on some 300m day trips but at this point it has replaced my other base layer shirts, one that is fairly new, expensive, but now replaced…

  13. Kiril Paunkov

    Last year i travel in Europe with GS Advednture and in some days i past about 1000-1200 km per day.I feel strong pain between legs and butt…my passenger is my wife,and she non-stop massage this parts of body.This summer i order Adventure Skiveez,and last night I’m back from travelling…Result is:AMAZING! In one part from my travelling,i forgot to dress it,i’ll drive from Germany to Amsterdam…and again same story like last year,pain after 60-70km again pain.From this moment i always drive with my Skiveez!I recommend to all bikers who like to past a lot of km/miles in one day.Tomorrow i order my second pair.Thank you MotoSkiveez…and greetings from Macedonia Europe.

  14. Arjun Dogra (verified owner)

    The Moto-Skiveez is the best thing I have purchased so far. Had the most comfortable 2000 mile ride. super product a must have

  15. Robert

    I have been using the Adventure Skiveez for almost two race seasons now. Road racing, trail riding, MX, limited flat tracking and any other time I ride. This is the first pair of riding shorts I actually forgot about when riding/racing. That is a very good thing. I never want gear to distract me in any way when riding.
    The shorts are a very normal regular feel in regards to the wasit band height. Not too high or too low.
    Started off with one pair of the shorts. I have since bought two more shorts and started with the socks. (If you have large/oversized calves, go one size larger then the suggested sizing)
    I own a small motorcycle shop, and will begine stocking the product now. My business practice has been I only stock/sell what I would use myself!
    Thank you Moto-Skiveez

  16. RORY (verified owner)

    I was pretty skeptical when I ordered the adventure skiveez for dual sport riding. $65 is a lot of money for a pair of underwear but was willing to try anything to avoid monkey butt on longer, multi-day rides. I was amazed after my first ride in them. They are so much better than bicycle shorts. I already ordered a 2nd pair. On a long ride (especially multi day) they are worth every penny.

  17. Richard

    6500 miles in 14 days from Maine to Montana and back. Truly do not believe I would have been able to make it a quarter of the way without this garment. Placement of padding was perfect for the rally seat on my ’17 1200GS.

  18. Mark Newman (verified owner)

    Wouldn’t talk without them. I take them on any long trip on my bike. They do feel a bit awkward at first when walking in them due fyi the padding. But you get used to it. And it doesn’t out weigh the comfort, lack of numbness, etc… while you ride. Even ran into a guy outside dinosaur Colorado who had a pair. I knew because he had the Skivies hat. He was on a Harley. I ride a Tenere. We had a great discussion on the comfort and need of these things. Highly recommend.

  19. Keith Stanley (verified owner)

    Nicely made product. Comfortable and light to wear, and helps to cushion your backside on the bike. You also don’t know your wearing them, apart from your backside doesn’t go numb or hurt.

  20. Edward Jr (verified owner)

    I bought the adventure shorts to see if it would make a difference on the week long adventure rides we do each month. Well at first the shorts felt a little funny with the padding , however that went away after a little seat time. Well after a couple of years and 15,000 miles in the seat , I felt that the Skiveez Adventure shorts do make a big difference in riding comfort and that means a lot when you ride for long periods of time. Would I recommend these shorts, YES because when you are comfortable riding you are SAFER.

  21. Keith Muller (verified owner)

    I had heard about these on a few forums and decided to take the plunge. I live in South Africa, and was suprised at how quickly they arrived. As soon as I used them I noticed how much more comfortable I was after being in the saddle for a few hours. Its remarkable that something so simple can tranform the cofort of your bike! I higly recomend purchasing anbd using these!

  22. Sam (verified owner)

    What makes these padded shorts any better or different than the bicycle shorts I already own? Heck I have bought other riding shorts and they didn’t make any difference so it was a waste of money. If that is your opinion then you really need to check these out.

    Having ridden thousands of miles wearing Adventure Skiveez I can attest to the quality of the construction, lack of diaper butt that many worry about but mainly focus on the amazing increased comfort and ability to ride longer. Will you feel a bit extra material in your drawers…..YES. Do you get used to is….ABSOLUTELY. Will some complain regardless of how good a product is….YOU BET. Are they worth the investment….WITHOUT A DOUBT.

    I gave a buddy a pair when we were heading out on a 5 week trip that covered over ten thousand miles. He made some of the comments I wrote above. I asked him after he had compared the two varieties of shorts he brought and the new Adventure Skiveez I gave him what his thoughts were. He said without question the Adventure Skiveez were considerably more comfortable and he is now a full time Skiveez wearer.

    Most of us get proper riding gear to protect us in the event of a crash. We also get really cool crap for our bikes, much of which we later realize is just that….crap. Many do however fail to focus on comfort or lack thereof when riding. We chalk it up to many excuses rather than looking for a solution. This product, in my opinion, is the solution to a problem you did not realize was correctable. Do yourself a favor, make the investment and stop neglecting yourself down there.

  23. BJ Miles (verified owner)

    Picked up a pair of the Adventure Skiveez for me and the Mrs for our first multi day trip on our new R1200GSA. We had spent a few hours on the stock seats in the days leading up to the trip and both felt we would need something to increase our comfort and ability to ride longer. The Adventure Skiveez did not disappoint! We both were able to ride longer and in greater comfort that without them. Basically doubling our distance per day before we started feeling like we’ve had enough and it was time for an adult carbonated beverage. If you are planning on long days in the saddle, these should be on your short list of items to get before you go.

  24. Dean (verified owner)

    The padding felt a bit strange at first, but once I got on my bike, felt great. Like the upper inner thigh padding

  25. Phill Elston

    My man bits thank you – from the heart of my bottom!
    I bought a pair of adventure-skiveez before setting off on a recent tour of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides – to say I was impressed would be TOTALLY wrong… because the seat on my BMW R1200 GSA (that usually impresses itself into my butt’n’bits) was barely felt!
    People see adventure bile riders standing up riding and think they’re just showing off. They’re not. They are people NOT using MotoSkiveez relieving the pressure on their rear ends! They have to get up on the footpegs to allow their danglies to recover from “Beemer-Butt”
    All that is gone with MotoSkiveez! They’re easy to wash & quick to dry too!
    I know when it’s an “odd-day” and I’m not wearing them that’s for certain!
    I need a second pair I think. If the tights are as good at what they do as the MotoSkiveez, they’ll be just the thing for the colder weather tours!

  26. Rob Branthover (verified owner)

    Rode 200 miles offroad on my DR650 this past Sat using my new moto-skiveez shorts and regreatablly my rear was killing me. Went back to my $10 gel mountain bike shorts for 200 more on Sunday, and my rear was much happier. The padding isn’t think enough IMHO. I ride thousands of miles offroad annually and my seat is a high quality aftermarket seat. I find gel shorts are the best.

  27. Michael Hack (verified owner)

    Wow! Added at least an hour or more of daily distance. Was considering a custom seat but decided to give these a chance first. Long days in the saddle are now very different. Yes, I still tire and yes there is still some discomfort after hours of riding but the time it takes to get to the uncomfortable squirming in the seat is longer and the overall discomfort is very much reduced.
    But… not on the bike, like walking around and in restaurants and such, it feels like I have some issues with continence. That may get better as I break the undies in more but be aware, it is VERY weird.

  28. Marc Sylvain (verified owner)

    Have a V-Strom and now I can ride 2 times longer before breaks. It adds comfort. Love it

  29. Larry Sitz (verified owner)

    After a full day of riding, tailbone does not ache. Padding is good and in the right spot. Shipping was fast.

  30. Ronald W. Spicer (verified owner)

    This is my second pair of Moto-Skiveez, initially purchased 10 years ago. The new version is very comfortable in upright Adventure riding position. I have bursitis in my right hip which becomes very painful when motorcycle riding. Wearing Adventure Moto Skiveez under adventure pants or jeans substantially reduced and nearly eliminated the pain and I can now ride through a tankful of gas without stopping. Very impressed!! Size runs true though the padding is noticeable when walking but that is not why I bought them.

  31. Mark Williamson (verified owner)

    Great fit, comfortable on and off the bike. Makes longer rides MUCH better and doable. I highly recommend them.

  32. Charlie S. (verified owner)

    Great, wish I would have purchased sooner. Made my ride way more enjoyable.

  33. Christopher M. Pero (verified owner)

    Comfortable, stylish, padding where you need em. Went out for a 8 hour ride and definitely wasn’t as sore,tight or tired as I would’ve been if I wore normal underwear. Definitely worth the investment! Would love to try more of their products at some point. Thank you Moto-skiveez for putting out a quality product!

  34. Jonathan Haney

    Absolutely awesome product and worth the money. I recently rode down to North Carolina from Ohio and the only stops I made were for fuel. I usually have to stop every couple hours to give the rear a break. I was hesitant to spend the money for a pair of shorts but I’ll be buying a second pair now. The fit was spot on and they keep everything in place. Excellent job Moto-Skiveez!

  35. rob bevear

    As a 65 years young Motocyclist, having ridden since my teens & mostly on Ducati’s, my arse has suffered for my love of motorcycling. Having tried everything from, bits of foam to sheepskin to Air Hawks to Baby Powder, I finally discovered Moto-Skiveez Undeez & my arse has never been happier. Everytime I put them on, I wonder, how these simple undeez can make my arse smile but they do, I love em & so does my bum. If you haven’t tried em’, do ya arse a favour.

  36. Dean Warnecke (verified owner)

    I finally decided to give these a try because I was a bit skeptical as I didn’t think they would make much of a difference but boy was I wrong! I have been having problems putting in any significant mileage on my new BMW R1250 GSA due to the uncomfortable factory seat. I have a long ride planned before I can get a new seat built and thought this might be a temporary fix. I tried them out last weekend on a long ride and found that these resolved much of the soreness I was getting on long rides. They do take a bit to get used to when first putting them on – but I soon adapted and will be buying more of these in the future. This is a quality product and the customer service has been a great experience.

  37. Thom richardson (verified owner)

    One of the best things I have ever purchased to make my riding more comfortable and go longer. Reduces all that nasty pressure point irritation.
    Great product and well wort every penny of the low cost

  38. Greg Tietz (verified owner)

    Bought these for riding my KLR650 on long trips, with a dislocated tailbone. They didn’t help my tailbone and the pads were not where I was expecting them, but they are not worthless. I think these are over pieced but I will continue to wear them on long trips because it does give you more comfort in the groin area. These pads actually don’t sit on your but at all, but rather bellow your cheeks and in your crack. Weird to walk in but they do keep your balls from going numb while squished against the gas tank. Reduces inner thigh sorness. Built with great materials and they didn’t make me sweat more than normal.

  39. George Fast (verified owner)

    Great product. Padding is just right for ADV riding. Wishing I would have purchased years ago.

  40. Dan Havens (verified owner)

    I like these have rode on a couple rides so far so good.
    I will take a long ride 400-500 mile and see how well they work.
    So far so good.

  41. Russell Bane (verified owner)

    I have 30,000+ miles on my Motoskiveez adv shorts and mid length and love them!!!! Very comfortable and very well made. Just finished the Utah and Nevada BDR and had had them on every day. Lots of miles in comfort. My only complaint is the waistband. It’s feels weak and unsubstantial. The pad is perfectly placed for adventure riding. I don’t leave home on my bike without them under my gear.

  42. Wayne Tarapilli

    These are the bomb!
    I was having difficulty with pain on both my sit bones and hips from pressure. I had replaced my original BMW 850 GS seat foam and cover with a kit from Seat Concepts and it helped but not completely. I was still needing a break within every 50 miles on trips. With the Motoskiveez I went out and did 100 miles with no problems. I probably could have done more but we had a party to attend.

  43. Sheryl Biddle (verified owner)

    I bought these for my partner and he was a bit skeptical at first. They were recommended to my by a friend. We went for a seven hour ride and they worked wonders; added hours to the usual riding time. Great product!!

  44. Bruce Henderson (verified owner)

    First ride in my new adventure skiveez in preparation for a ride from California to Georgia next month and I’m very happy. Today I was on my KLX250 riding backroads and forest service rd. for a shakedown. The skiveez are very comfortable and the padding, although it feels a little weird walking around, works great on the bike.

  45. Bill (verified owner)

    Think of bicycle bibbs (less the over-shoulder straps) but for moto. I must say, they work great and help with saddle sores!

  46. Simon McLean (verified owner)

    A friend recommended Skiveez to me in advance of a planned long motorbike trip. I was very fortunate that they arrived (in the UK, from the US) only two hours before I set off. Nearly 1,600 miles over six days. I was much more comfortable than on my last long distance trip and certainly did not complain anything like as much as my fellow riders. Can thoroughly recommend. Note that I combined these with a Cool Covers motorcycle seat cover.

  47. Rod Lake

    I don’t take any ride of more than 30 minutes without wearing Moto Skiveez. It eliminates any discomfort for long rides. I’m 5-9 170 and the large fits perfect for me. Highly recommend.

  48. Eyal Sagy

    Have been using my 1st pair for 30 months now – over 50 long riding days – these are great for reducing pain, really comfortable wearing and no signs of degradation yet.
    Just ordered another pair of the long skiveez to not have to wash every night on long trips…

  49. Boyd Ross (verified owner)

    I’ve only done two rides since I bought my first pair, but I am impressed so far. They really cut down on the numbness/pain that used to develop after a couple of hours. They’re pricey, but might just end up being worth it – time will tell as I haven’t used them enough yet to know how durable they are. I would give them five stars if they had a fly.

  50. Nathan Boily

    The Motoskivees fit great and made for a comfortable 250 mile day.

  51. MCcluren W Roberts (verified owner)

    Seems like a good product but I bought the adventure style instead of the cruiser style. I Think the adventure style actually made things worse for me. Live and learn I guess.

  52. Stephen Scott (verified owner)

    I bought the Adventure after seeing another MC owner refernce them on a forum. I bought with intention of using when riding my F850 GSA, but up to now have used several times on my R1250R. After several rides I can say there is a noticable difference related to comfort and reduced soreness on the behind. Wonder if they might be much better if the foam padding were 1-2 mm thicker?

  53. Greg (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of the Adventure Skiveez and gave them their 1st try-out last week-end on a 300k ride thru Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland. I have a fantastic BMW F900XR with the worst seat in the world. It may have felt like I was wearing a diaper when walking, but I had a smile across my face when riding. It was a beautiful day on a beautiful bike with great company and my butt was smiling the whole way > Thanks guys for this great innovation.

  54. Terry Hanks (verified owner)

    Love these. I have not butt fat so these are a lifesaver!

  55. Rob (Idaho) (verified owner)

    I was a bit skeptical but had to try something, even with a custom seat, my 73-year-old bottom was not doing well after a few hours on my F850GSA. With these overpriced shorts, I didn’t think about the seat once on a 350-mile jaunt in the Idaho mountains. Doing a 21-day tour in NZ in November these will be packed and well used during that trip!

  56. Rickey (verified owner)

    Great padded short. Really help the recent ride of 250 straight. Will buy more for some back up.

  57. Adam Stubbs (verified owner)

    These motorcycle shorts really work! I wear them every time I rid now. I’m definitely able to ride longer with a more comfortable rear end. Highly recommended.

  58. Adam Stubbs (verified owner)

    These shorts are great. I have been using them for the past three months. I generally use them on rides that last longer than an hour. They do make a big difference. They make my longers rides much more comfortable.

  59. Tim Hebert (verified owner)

    I bought a pair of the adventure version and have tried them on my Honda Trail 125 and my Suzuki DRZ 400. They have helped out a lot with the sore but I used to get around the hour mark on either bike. I gave it 4 stars because while it is a nice butt pad, it’s pretty tight in the crotch area.

  60. Robert Collings (verified owner)

    These are a vast improvement over regular gitch – they won’t replace the Russell Day-Long seat that I have ordered, but they will make my riding tolerable until the RDL seat arrives. I bought a pair, went for a 5 hr ride, was so impressed that I ordered 2 more pairs.

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