Compression Riding Sock with Aloe

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Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks are designed to extend to the uppermost part of the calf. They offer light compression to help alleviate lower limb oedema (swelling) that is commonly associated with long distance motorcycle riding.

Incorporated into the construction is 40% aloe fiber. Aloe fiber has anti-microbial and anti-bacterial properties that will help with odor. In addition, aloe fiber is tactilely soft and is designed to reduce chafing and blistering.

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Compression Riding Socks

Wearing Moto-Skiveez® Compression Riding Socks during long rides will help your lower legs feel more comfortable and supported.

The real benefit of wearing graduated compression socks happens at a deeper level. All Moto-Skiveez® Compression Riding Socks use the science of standard graduated compression. This means compression is strongest at the ankle and decreases further up the calf muscle This compression acts as a layer of muscle, gently squeezing stretched vein walls. This helps to fight the force of gravity and circulate the blood back to the heart more efficiently. When blood is properly circulated it provides much-needed oxygen and nutrients to tired muscles. This helps muscles to regenerate more efficiently, and assist in removing any lactic acid that is built up.

Size Height Chart

Size 9-12:
Height approximately 18 inches.
Size 6-9:
Height approximately 16 inches.
Size 12-15:
Height approximately 18 inches.

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Moto-Skiveez Compression Riding Socks are constructed using an anti-microbial Aloe fiber

Fabric Technology

40% Aloe Fiber

Innovations in the textile field have allowed us to embed the benefits of Aloe Vera fiber into our riding socks.” Moto-Skiveez® “Compression Riding Socks” are constructed using an anti-microbial fiber that improves the transport of moisture and help to reduce bacterial growth on the skin.

Customer Review

BMW Motorrad Club Northern Illinois

“Excellent moisture wicking material leaving your feet feeling fresh!” – Kirk Johnson

17 reviews for Compression Riding Sock with Aloe

  1. Kirk Johnson

  2. seth colpoys

    I bought a pair at Orlando motorcycle expo, love them!!!

  3. Best Sock!

    My new favorite riding sock! Will be giving some as stocking stuffers this year.

  4. Matt Ates

    This is an absolutely wonderful pair of socks for anyone who rides or stands/walks on their feet all day long and suffered cramps, swelling, excessive smell and sweating. They are tight but also at the same time very relaxing and comfortable. The wonderful smell is a major bonus! These would also make wonderful Xmas or B-Day gifts for friends and family members who also rides. My only regret is that I only got one pair at the Progressive MC Show!

  5. Jim Wild

    Bought a pair at the Sacramento, CA Motorcycle Show and they did the job. I work on my feet all day and these sox gave me very good support. I usually work 10 plus hours a day and when I take they off at days end my calfs don’t feel as tired and sore. Great product! I highly recommend them to riders and people who work on their feet.

  6. Daniel Rogers

    Just got done riding Baja in these socks. I had one pair of these and a pair of wool socks. I started off switching back and forth but the wool socks quickly became crusty smelly gross, so I used the moto skiveez socks the rest of the trip and I can report that these are great socks and they didn’t stink even after multiple water crossings that soaked my feet and left my boots pretty nasty. When in Baja its always my intention to pack as light as possible. Next year I’ll have two pairs of these and leave the old wool socks at home. Thanks for such a great product!

  7. Joseph Arietta

    Just got done riding back to back 400 plus mile days and 520 miles on the 3rd day in my new socks. They smelled great even after 3 days of riding. I rode in temps from 96 to 33 degrees and no issues with hot or cold feet in them. They are a bit tight putting them on but are very comfortable when riding. I picked them up at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff as always Shawn is great to work with.

  8. Kevin Woody

    When I scout a BDR route it takes me into weather that can range from snow to 100+ and I would not do it without your socks they are the best! The support and the fact they do not loose there shape after multiple days of riding make them the best!

  9. David Greenwood (verified owner)

    I’m giving only 4 stars for the simple reason that I’m 6’6″ with a size 16M shoe. The 12-15 option fits only with the stretch maxed out (and these socks are very stretchy). Even with my big feet, the socks come up to the top of my calf, but not over quite over it. Still, these are the best socks I’ve found for riding, even though they don’t quite fit me. I just wish Moto-Skiveez would offer tall sizes. If they did, I’d give these socks 6 stars.

  10. George Tweedy (verified owner)

    Had accident on bike where broke bones in left foot, fitted with wires and pins for 9 weeks. Started rehab after all removed but sports sock kept causing lower leg to balloon and left ring marks on calf, ouch! So decided to wear my Motoskiveez socks and wow! What a difference, no swelling, much more comfortable and can do my full rehab session now meaning i’ll Be back to riding a lot quicker. Not sure if you ever had medical rehab in mind when you made them but I can assure you they work wonderfully for me. Many thanks George.

  11. Michael Trupe

    I recently bought a pair of these along with the adventure shorts at the Overland Expo in Flagstaff Az., and proceeded to ride a 1000 miles back home. The socks and shorts were everything they claimed. The socks acted like the compression hose often used in hospitals, they were comfortable, my legs felt great, and I didn’t get the swelling associated with long days in the saddle. In addition to that, they repel odor that can come from multi day use in riding boots, they still smelled new (a point the sales guy made when I bought them).

    Note: The socks are designed to fit tight without feeling restrictive, so you won’t just be able to pull them on, they need to almost be rolled on from bottom to top. They are well worth the effort.

    The shorts had the padding in the right places for my riding position, for all day comfort.

  12. Don Woods jr (verified owner)

    I have been riding with these socks for the last two years. They have made long distance ride so much better on the lower legs. No more swelling and cramps for the long haul. The compression is just the right amount. Take a little effort to put on but is well worth it. Do not do any long ride with out them. I love them

  13. Wallie Dingwell

    Excellent product.

  14. les hamilton (verified owner)

    6K Plus, tried this pair another less costly pair off Amazon. Have to say, on my long rides of over 10 hours this pair held up. No issues with legs, kept my feet cool and dry and yea at the end of the day not sore. The other pair, did okay for a few hours but at the end of the day not the same and my feet started sweating near the end of a ride. Will pay the extra and get a couple more for good use.

  15. Miriam Trentini (verified owner)

    I used these on a daily basis and over 12 hours a day. The sox are tall enough, and fit my legs well. Better fit than my 2XU’s socks.

  16. Glenn Williams

    I was given the compression socks by a friend and I have thanked him ever since. The socks are comfortable all day, and I believe they have added to making the overall comfort of the ride better.

  17. Rickey (verified owner)

    Good to have compression socks on for us older riders. Great sock.

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