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The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER Skiveez is a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis.  While every rider position and bike combination is a little different, we’ve designed the CRUISER Skiveez to maximize comfort across a broad range of upright to semi-reclined riding positions.

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Pressure reducing undergarment for cruiser style motorcycle riding

The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER style is a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis. The primary riding position for this style, is any rider where the knee is positioned horizontal to the hip joint. This places most of the weight and pressure directly beneath the “sitz bones.” With more pressure on the tailbone area due to the legs being forward, this pad shifts pressure adsorption from the inner thigh to the center of the buttocks and lower thighs.

This pad is contoured to add comfort across the entire seating area. Because of this, this design serves as a universal comfort garment. It performs quite well for passenger riders as well as ATV riders.


Moto-Skiveez Technical Underwear
Designed to the highest manufacturing standards using four needle flat seam construction.
Double layered fabric in groin section to provide ultimate comfort and tactile softness.
Mesh fabric construction to provide maximum breathability in critical areas.
Wicking fabric chosen to provide optimum moisture management.

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Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER pad is comprised of five layers; a base layer of malinga cloth, three different foam densities and a top covering infused with silver ions to inhibit bacterial and fungal formation.

Surface fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment.

Moto-Skiveez CRUISER pad layers

4mm square perforated foam throughout. 3mm open cell foam in left and right sections main body.

The front of the pad is contoured to extend forward on both sides in half-elliptical protrusions to fit under the bottom of the legs.

Moto-Skiveez CRUISER pad layers

6mm reticulated high density foam positioned in pelvic and tail bones.

Our CRUISER pad is manufactured with the firmest foam molded into an elliptical shape beneath the left & right pelvic bones and the tailbone.

Moto-Skiveez CRUISER pad layers
Cruiser Bike Riding Position


Riding Style

The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER style is a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis. The primary riding position for this style, is any rider where the knee is positioned horizontal to the hip joint. This places most of the weight and pressure directly beneath the “sitz bones.” This design works well with all motorcycle positions as well being a great option for passenger riders.

31 reviews for Cruiser Skiveez

  1. Kent

    have used on to separate rides one from Portland to Las Vegas in one day and a two day trip round trip from Las Vegas up to Fallon and back, very comfortable but wish the leg length was longer.

  2. Allen (verified owner)

    Recommend. Noticeably reduces my tailbone and bottom fatigue making weekend rides more comfortable. Even my legs feel better. Padding makes seat more comfy too but it’s the increased riding comfort over time and distance that make this a definite buy.

  3. shawn (verified owner)

    From J. Mickle via email, 8-24-15;
    I was so happy to find Moto-Skivees, I was getting tired of traditional underwater feeling like they were cutting me in half. I also found as I’ve gotten older, I was having issues with sitting on my junk, Moto-Skiveez keep my junk secure and safe from being squished.

    I was also considering a new seat for my 2010 Goldwing, but after one ride with my Moto-Skiveez, I stopped looking at new seats, yes they are that comfortable.

  4. Clif O’Brien (verified owner)

    These shorts really work, and they work really well! The cruiser Moto-Skiveez made my ride much more enjoyable and I can go much further with comfort and no hot spots! No need for me to look at having my seat rebuilt or buying another seat. These shorts do the trick!

  5. Terry

    I have two pairs of adventure style Moto-Skiveez that I’ve been using for two seasons on my FJRs (with Laam seats). Upon initially putting on the Skiveez each time, they feel a bit bulky; however, within a few minutes I don’t even notice them, even when I’m off the bike (I wear them with Kevlar jeans). The Skiveez consistently have increased my daily ability to comfortably sit on my seat by about 2 hours and my rear is not sore for the start of the next day. Additionally, the Skiveez do not cause heat retention and stretch very nicely for overall comfort. The added comfortable time on the seat makes riding much more pleasurable. On trips, I’ve worn them for several days in a row and they don’t retain any smell (gross I know but a fact). I’ve washed them in a hotel sink, rolled them in a towel to squeeze out all the water and hung them to dry overnight. These are an outstanding product in my experience and I’ve subsequently purchased them for my wife, son, daughter-in-law and a friend; they all enjoy the Skiveez too. I’m about to buy a set for my brother for a trip this summer. As a point of comparison, I purchased the Skiveez to replace another brand of MC underwear without padding that was highly rated by many FJR riders (for me, my wife and my son). The cost of this other brand was only slightly less than Skiveez and I figured I’d buy them as I was leery of padding. The only benefit to these other MC underwear was that they were stretchy and added comfort in that regard; however, each of us was absolutely miserable when wearing these underwear, as they caused our whole bodies to heat up and stay that way until they were taken off. I wore them numerous times and sort of got used to them but they were terrible in the summer. My wife and son only wore them once (they are in the drawer and it was an expensive experiment). And no I’m not a sales person for Skiveez … just passing on my experiences for others to consider.

  6. Glenn

    Looks like a good option for motorcycle riders but, the padding differences is somewhat confusing. Why not just make a single selection with maximum padding to cover all three motorcycles (sport, adventure, cruiser)? I was looking at the Lady Skiveez and go figure….There aren’t THREE STYLES to choose from; only ONE. And by far, the Lady Skiveez looks to have the most passing of all options available. Look at each of the mens Skiveez and then the Lady Skiveez. Sure enough, why are the Lady Skivees (when women have more meat on their buttocks) padded much more than mens?

    I am almost tempted to order a Ladys for the greater padding surface.

  7. Michael Doyle (verified owner)

    After wearing my ADV shorts for several short rides and my Cruiser shorts for several other short rides, I finally put the Cruiser shorts to a real test…I rode with Run For The Wall from Ontario, CA to Washington DC and back to California over a 20-day period. Where prior to getting the MotoSkiveez it was not unusual for me to experience ‘hot-spots’ after only an hour in the saddle of my Triumph Storm, I found no discomfort with the MotoSkiveez. On RFTW the saddle time is seldom more than 1.5 hours between breaks but on the return trip I regularly pushed the Storm to the limits of the fuel tank and my last day on the road was a 15-hour marathon ride. Still the MotoSkiveez did what was expected…they kept me comfortable. As others have pointed out, the fact that the shorts can be worn multiple days then hand washed and hung to dry over night was a real asset. I had two pairs so was able to switch back and forth. I am anxious for an opportunity to test the ADV shorts on an extended ride but first, I have another 3-week ride to the East Coast and back that will begin in a few weeks and one thing is certain…the only thing betyween me and my jeans will be my MotoSkiveez Cruiser shorts! OH! and the compression socks! The compression socks are amazing. My legs and feet were so comfortable I almost didn’t notice that it rained torrentially for four straight days.

  8. Philip (verified owner)

    Purchased a pr of Cruiser Skiveez prior to a 900+ mile ride to Nova Scotia and back to CT. I can honestly say they worked extremely well stayed comfortable riding for 8+ hours and sometimes longer. An improvement might be a quicker drying material, with no dryer available they did not dry overnight after washing and the material did stretch slightly but as for comfort I have no complaint. Currently ride an ’02 Road King with a Mustang seat.

  9. Kevin Searls

    I’ve used these shorts for my BMW 1200gsa for on road from Va Beach to Fairbanks and back. they definitely make the difference. I recommend these instead of any brand of seat.

  10. Mark S. Tennant (verified owner)

    Before I started wearing Cruiser Skivees, I would start to get hot spots and do the occasional wiggle at around 200 miles. With them, I can go all day with no discomfort, and that usually adds up to a 400 to 500 mile ride. I definitely recommend them. They may not make everyone an Iron Butt competitor, but they sure help me. Thanks, Shawn!

  11. Jay Hess (verified owner)

    Have been wearing these for over a year now. I believe a longer leg length would be beneficial. The leg ends right where the seat contacts my inner thigh and chaffing is noticeable especially during hot weather when sweating is prevalent. Also, the elastic in the waist band seems to loose it’s elasticity after multiple washing.
    I generally go on very long trips, 4000 mile plus rides over 2 week period.
    Great product but needs some tweaks.

  12. Debbie-Ann (verified owner)

    I bought these for my husband because he was suffering during our longer rides. He loved them and did not complain of discomfort as he usually did.

  13. Thomas G Russell

    I purchased my Cruiser Skiveez at the beginning of the Run For The Wall two years ago. Since that time I have worn them across this great country four times, coast to coast, and am usually in the saddle for 30 days on those four trips. ( Doing all the sightseeing on the trip back west from those trips.) On my shorter trips throughout the year I only wear them on trips of 400 miles or more. I rode a ’99 Gold Wing 1500 on those trips, in 2020 I will be riding a ’16 Gold Wing 1800. My biggest complaint, and the main reason for the four stars, is there is no way to access your junk for a potty break. On the Run For The Wall it is stressed and rightfully so, that in any type of weather, as a rider, you NEED to stay hydrated. The saying is,” if you are not peeing at every stop, then you are not drinking enough.” I wear my Skiveez under Kevlar riding pants and leather chaps.( ATGATT). It is really a pain to be able to do this, and invariably after the first stop the front of the Skiveez would be in an awkward fold in the front from having to pull them down instead of flap access. Understand, there are several hundred riders in a line to use the “facilities”, undoing chaps, dropping pants & then the reverse procedure would cause an undesirable delay to those waiting behind, adding to this ALL of us are on a time limit to get everything done we need to at each stop and usually the time is cut short. If you are not ready when the Leadership leaves, you are left behind. This is my largest gripe. Please solve this before I find something else ! ( Yes, it’s that big of a deal, to me!!)

  14. Dean Tompkins

    Made the miles in the saddle so much better for sure

  15. Jeff Brodsky (verified owner)

    I have multiple pairs of the cruiser shorts. I won’t ride without them. They make the rid e more enjoyable. I spent big bucks for an aftermarket seat for mymladt bike. I do not think it will be a problem with my new 2019 Goldwing.

  16. Frank Orlando (verified owner)

    I’ve waited til I was sure about my opinion of the Moto-Skiveez for Cruisers to write this review. I can fairly say I am impressed with them after two long rides recently. I wore them for last day (the final 670 miles) of a 2600 mile, 5-day trip and then on an “Iron Butt” ride of 1,041 miles I just completed in 19 hours and 41 minutes on Saturday, June 20. The remarkable thing was that I completely forgot they were there because they were so comfortable. I didn’t experience any fatigue in my tailbone or lower back, so, Thanks for that!

  17. Toby E. Glenn (verified owner)

    i have used my motoskivvies on 2 rides one 300 mile ride and one 500 mile ride. they are comfortable and my butt was less sore. i dont understand why they are made without a fly. i ordered mens and was thinking they would have a fly like almost all underwear I own. that is why I can not rate them any higher.

    • shawn (verified owner)

      Toby, our decision to not include a fly was very purposeful. In creating a fly opening, this places additional fabric and seams in a very critical and sensitive area. We wanted to minimize the bulk and reduce any chance of irritation here. Our front panel actually has a two-ply fabric that allows the outer fabric to move independently to the inner fabric. This greatly reduced any chance of chafing if there is rubbing in this area.

  18. Zachary Mccaffrey (verified owner)

    Well let me start off saying that my bike is not designed to be comfortable at all. It’s lowered with a solo seat. The shorts definitely helped but I still couldn’t hang for as long as I would have hoped. I feel like I got a few more hours more in the saddle than if I didn’t have them. My only suggestion would be that the pad would go further up the tailbone for additional comfort for a rider like my self that’s fully extended with a backwards lean. Other than my own personal riding style I believe that the shorts did there job and would recommend them to riders who don’t have such an issue with tailbone pain.

  19. James Jetty (verified owner)

    Defiantly help the well known horrible Kawasaki Vulcan stock seats. But do wish there was a option for extra padding and pads farther up the backside

  20. Steve Becker (verified owner)

    2019 Goldwing DCT Tour. I have a Mustang seat which is wonderful. I am always looking for a way to ride further and more comfortable. Did a 340 mile 14 hour day including mile hike. Very effective at taking a way the hot spots. I am extremely happy with this product and will be purchasing another pair in the future

  21. Mike Greenwell (verified owner)

    Awesome product. Greatly reduced tailbone & butt aches. Did a trip from Texas through Oklahoma, Arkansas, Missouri & back to Texas putting in 1900 miles. They definitely work.

  22. Sam

    Love them! Had to get two pairs, at different time after I used them once. I was sold and my ass or ring around the hole area thanks you 100000’s yah I said it. Ya’ll know what I’m talking about! And feel great to wear all day.

  23. Matthew Bush (verified owner)

    I bought these for a recent trip where I’d be covering around 1300 miles in 4 days of riding with the longest day being around 480 miles. I was very impressed, they definitely helped reduce any pain points and they wicked moisture away really well. The last day of the ride I covered 300 miles with only a single required stop for fuel and one short break to check out a tourist site I was passing. I would highly recommend these and will most definitely be ordering another pair!

  24. Thomas Hendricks

    Went on a 5 day, 2000 mile ride last week and wore the Moto-Skiveez. 1st day they worked great and I had one of the most comfortable rides in recent trips. The second day I somehow put them backwards and although slightly uncomfortable my buns felt a little neglected but my other parts felt well protected. Still a good day in the saddle. Will continue to utilize the shorts in the future, just need to monitor what goes up front, LOL.

  25. Doug (verified owner)

    These are by far the best designed riding shorts I’ve tried. These are comfortable and have nice room up front so your not squished. The padding is in exactly the right spot for comfort in your seating area. They don’t make you sweat or itch at all. I am very pleased and would highly recommend

  26. Tom (verified owner)

    Ordered a pair of cruiser skiveez from RevZilla. Love them. Ordered a pair of cruiser skiveez direct from moto skiveez. Completely different in style and size. Customer service seemed interested, but did nothing to answer my question as to why they are so different. Messages have gone unanswered.

  27. Tom (verified owner)

    Left a 2 star review. My bad . I was too hasty in leaving the review. The problem has been resolved, and Shawn in customer service came through like a champ. Would recommend to others

  28. Chris (verified owner)

    Two back-to-back 250-mile weekends on my Indian Chieftain with a crappy ultimate seat. One weekend without and one with the moto skivvies and there was a very noticeable difference when wearing them. I don’t have much padding on the backside to start with and the cruiser skivvies really helped with tail one pain.

  29. Henry Griffith (verified owner)

    These things are a game changer!!

    Im a bigger dude. 5’10, 275, 42-44” waist, rising a 20’ HD Ultra Limited. Ive always fought the “hot spots” and “saddle sores” around the 150-175 mark for 20 years. Even riding with fancy seats & suspension, my upper-thigh to lower buns area was always needing a break.

    I tried these out for an experimental weekend. And they were a game changer! I just got off of riding 3,000 miles in 4 days from KY – ME & back. I completed 3 iron butt challenges in a row, and only near the end was I feeling sore in the rear!

    I know they’re expensive. And its hard to justify the cost. But if you wanna ride long distances, these are a must-have.

    Only thing id change is I wish they were taller from the groin to the waistband. Felt like they were falling down into my pants a bit. 100% recommend for everyone looking for some extra padding

  30. Rich (verified owner)

    Just bought a new pair to replace a pair that I bought when Moto-Skiveez first came out. The elastic in my original pair was completely stretched out from approximately 100K miles of use. I might be mistaken but the new pair seems to fit a little different on me and that’s good thing. The padding does a great job of keeping from getting hot spots with my boney butt. To avoid having to wash and dry frequently while traveling I typically wear these over a set of LD Comfort riding shorts. It is the perfect set up for me.

  31. george leonakis (verified owner)

    I wear the shorts on the ski Chair Lift when it’s cold. I wear the shirt when ski days are warm. I haven’t seen them for sale in the ski shops. You want me to be your sales rep for ski? I ordered several because I ski 4 days a week. It could really use a fly.

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