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The LADY Moto-Skiveez® employs the latest in bicycle pad technology. Developed in Italy, this new technology creates a multi density pad using only a single layer of proprietary foam.

This universal LADY design is engineered to improve comfort in most riding positions.

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Moto-Skiveez® Lady Skiveez pressure relieving undergarment for ladies for all types of riding position+Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Sock
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Ladies pressure reducing undergarment for all motorcycle riding positions

The LADY Moto-Skiveez® employs the latest in bicycle pad technology. Developed in Italy, this new technology creates a multi-density pad using only a single layer of proprietary foam. The pad is attached to a breathable, lightweight undergarment specifically designed for the female anatomy. This garment is comprised of two different fabrics. The first fabric is chosen to allow moisture transfer. The second is a mesh fabric selected for its breathability. The use of different fabrics creates a base garment that is optimized for both moisture management and breathability.


US SizeWaistHips
Moto-Skiveez Lady Skiveez
Designed to the highest manufacturing standards using four needle flat seam construction.
Double layered fabric in groin section to provide ultimate comfort and tactile softness.
Mesh fabric construction to provide maximum breathability in critical areas.
Wicking fabric chosen to provide optimum moisture management.

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Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez® LADY pad uses the best features from each style of our men’s designs to create a universal pad that works very well for all motorcycle riding positions. The LADY pad is specifically designed to interface with the female anatomy. The Ischial Tuberocity or “sit bones” on the female pelvis are further apart than in the male pelvis. Special consideration was given to this issue, as well as other anatomic concerns, to ensure the best possible placement of pad density.

Surface fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment.

Moto-Skiveez Lady Skiveez pad

4mm square perforated foam throughout. 6mm memory foam main body. 3mm perforated memory foam in legs.

Moto-Skiveez SPORT padding specifications

Both convex and concave corrugations with vertical ribs impede irritation.

Moto-Skiveez ADVENTURE pad layers

13 reviews for Lady Skiveez

  1. Isabelle (verified owner)

    My husband loves his Moto Skiveez, owning several pairs for his long distance travels, and I have been waiting for a women’s version to arrive (must you call them “Lady Skiveez” rather than Women’s Skiveez..?) I treated myself to a pair for Christmas and wore them for a 100 mile ride on New Years Day. I often used to wear cycling shorts under my jeans when riding my bike, for padding and extra warmth, but these are definitely better, comfy and well made. My only real complaint is that they are kind of pricey. But I guess that’s a reflection of the smaller market for women’s motorcycle gear..?

  2. Bill

    Got a pair for my wife…she loves em!
    Turned her crappy scooter seat into something comfortable.

  3. Lisa

    These have been great for me so far. I like how lightweight they are for warm weather. My only issue is that they catch on velcro from pants, jacket, etc. sometimes, but that’s more of a gripe with other gear manufacturers. They make for a comfier ride–I hope they’re long-lasting for the price.

  4. Joanne

    Love my motosiveez! I bought a pair on a whim while looking at products at a moto show (also bought a pair of socks). Wore the socks right away, but wasn’t so sure about the undergarment. Finally I tried them and I love them! Not sure why I didn’t wear them sooner, but I will not go out without them now! They just make the ride more enjoyable with a comfier seat. Thanks Motoskiveez!

  5. Stephanie (verified owner)

    My husband only owns sport bikes with those teeny back seats, so needless to say I’m super uncomfortable on rides longer than 45 mins! So I bought a pair of the lady Skiveez. We tested them out by going for a 3 hr ride. I was doing ok for the first 1.5 hrs, but it was a rough ride back. They improved my time so I deffinetly think they work. I believe the seat design is more at fault. They are comfortable to wear after getting over the feeling like you are wearing a diaper. But completely unnoticeable in jeans. I will continue to wear them until I can convince him to get a more comfortable ride :).

  6. Julie Palminteri (verified owner)

    I ordered 2 pairs of the ladie’s skiveez for a 12 day moto trip. I was originally going to just wear padded bicycle shorts, but when I came across the description for the skiveez they sounded much better suited for long riding days. I was very pleased with how quickly I received my order and the quick responses by the sales team prior to my order. I went back and forth with sizing and probably should have gone with the smaller size as the material is very stretchy. They are very comfortable and much less bulky than bicycle shorts would have been and the padding is in the perfect areas. They fit easily under my Slider riding jeans and stayed in place well. They worked well for padding and rider fatigue for the long days in the saddle. My only recommendation would be to have a bit more padding right around the sitz bones area as this seems to be the location that starts to get sore early in a ride. They are a bit pricey as others have stated, but I am happy with their overall performance.

  7. Arlene M Hamilton (verified owner)

    These are a game changer when riding for long distances. I have two pair and love, love, love them. Prior to finding these I was using cycling skiveezes. Good, but not as nice as Moto Skiveezes. The price is worth the extra comfort and fit. We ride back country rides for 10-12 hours a day.

  8. ell van a (verified owner)

    yes these pants liked the pressure well distributed so that I can hold much lower on the motorcycle. Thanks for that .ps make this known in the Netherlands. I will give good feetback for youre product greeting ell

  9. Sarah Gill

    *I bought mine through

    These are the missing link of base layers and exactly what my butt needed! Especially for longer rides. I try to ride instead of drive on longer trips just by myself whenever possible. Long rides usually give me a rash, unfortunately.

    These are now an essential part of my riding outfit, so I need to buy a 2nd pair! These make both bikes I ride more comfortable, and both have big cushy seats already. So these make a huge difference especially for longer rides, no rash when I get home, hence why they are now necessary gear for me!

    The only “con” as stated above is that they get stuck to velcro, and I have a stitch that has broken already, so I’m skeptical about the durability and longevity. Especially considering the price.

    They also aren’t recommended to be put in a dryer, and they do take a while to air dry. That would be why I need 2 pairs! Lol

  10. Gretchen Clark (verified owner)

    Love them!! Tried them on as soon as I got them. Fit is very comfortable. Didn’t feel like a diaper! The padding is where you need it, Not where your don’t. Breathe well

  11. Deborah

    Two words: If you are a woman, and you ride….BUY THESE! You can thank the company later. My rear end OUTLASTED the drivers. Yes, I ride passenger. On a sport hybrid…THESE ROCK. Worth every penny, and for the comfort they give, it’s VERY economical…. especially when you hit 200 miles for the day.

    Come to find out, he kept stopping to ask me if my “bummmmmm” was okay. He was hoping it wasn’t because his was. BUY THEM.

  12. Sheryl Biddle (verified owner)

    These were recommended by a friend. I decided to try them to see if I could get more riding time….indeed I did!! Tried them out on a 7 hour day trip and my Butt felt great!! Wish you could develop a product to make my knees feel as good!! Totally recommend and well worth the money!!

  13. Angie H (verified owner)

    I ride my own bike and we Just got back from a 250 mile ride through the NC mountains. I must say these work great! My poor husband, on the other hand, complained about how much his bum hurt. The fit is great, are very lightweight, and I have no trouble with getting my jeans over them. They have definitely made a difference!

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