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Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Performance Compression Sock has a new and enhanced proprietary fabric construction that provides you with targeted arch and ankle stabilization while reducing muscle fatigue. Prevent achy swollen ankles, feet and legs while riding!

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Our unisex Moto-Skiveez Performance Compression Sock is your answer to achy legs and feet. Not only do they reduce muscle fatigue and help prevent swollen ankles and feet, but our new proprietary fabric construction provides arch and ankle stabilization to reduce tendon fatigue—Perfect for those long rides, especially when standing on your pegs. The graduated compression hugs your calf muscles to help keep you comfortable and energized while reducing inflammation and increasing blood flow for faster recovery times.

Motorcycle Performance Compression Sock Video

Watch Shawn run through the benefits of the Motorcycle Performance Compression Socks.

Our Performance Compression Sock Benefits:


Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle-Performance-Compression-Sock-How-It-WorksComfort Cuff: Secure band keeps the sock from rolling or slipping down the calf.

20-30 mmHg Graduated Compression: Directs blood flow up the leg to the heart, promoting maximum delivery of oxygen to your muscles for faster recovery.

Toe Section: Minimal seams eliminate any rubbing on your toes by reducing friction.

Achilles Support: Advanced fabric weave offers targeted compression for increased ligament support.

Heal Section: Anatomical design ensures a soft comfortable fit to reduce blistering.

Footbed Support: Enhanced fabric weave structure contours to the arch for increased stability, improving control.


SizeShoe SizeCircumference
Small7 & Under6.5 – 8.537 – 397.5″ – 8.5″11″ – 15″
Medium7.5 – 109.0 – 12.040 – 438.5″ – 9.5″12″ – 16″
Large10.5 – 1244 – 479.0″ – 11.25″14″ – 18″
X-Large12.5 +48 +11.5″ – 12.5″15″ – 20″


14 reviews for Motorcycle Performance Compression Sock

  1. Edward Jr

    I bought these socks because I liked the Skiveez Adventure shorts so much. I have worn them on many adventure rides on and off road and find they work very good. I have brought two pair on trips and can rinse in water and rotate each day and save on packing , they dry quick feel comfortable not to hard to put on and stay up for the whole day. I would recommend these socks because they work.

  2. Sam

    Much more comfortable than the other version….not that the others are bad, these are just better. The foot section on these seems small when you pull it out of the package but they stretch is amazing. They give a nice snug feel without being binding. Overall compression is light but more than regular socks. The height is spot on without too much material causing it to bunch up.

    Another great aspect is the tapered calf region for those of you with larger than normal calves such as myself. On the flip side I know someone with average to small calves and he said they provide support for him as well.

    After a long day of riding I feel less fatigued when wearing these. I’ve read about the benefits of mild compression but having experienced it first hand I now understand and am a believer.

    A well rounded product from a stand up company. Give them a go….you might be surprised at many positive aspects.

  3. Brad (verified owner)

    Who would have thought after all these years and miles? Just finished a 3K road trip wearing motoskiveez compression socks everyday and they do make a serious comfort difference. My feet just always felt “”un-tired” and immune to the hourly grind of vibration, being in the same position, moisture, etc. They compliment motorcycle boots as well; relatively thin so your boots slide on and socks ride high up the calf so you have a layer between your skin. Highly recommended for high mileage rides

  4. Mark S. Tennant (verified owner)

    I usually have to wear very thin socks when I ride, because someone, ahem, bought boots that were 1/2 size too small. I wore the compression socks on a 450 mile ride yesterday, and even though the only adventure I had was having to panic brake for a squirrel, my legs and feet were the most comfortable they’ve been in years! no sweating, no toe crunching, the socks are the best. The only thing that would be better would be two pair! Thank you!

  5. Michael Johnson

    Love them. I got a second pair now. They dry super quick and are super comfortable. I’m between sizes. My first pair I took the smaller size and are very supportive and you don’t feel them when riding – but they are hard to get off when laying on your back in your tiny tent. The second pair I went the one size larger – still seemed to be as supportive but a little easier to get off. They work really well.

  6. Josh Shapiro (verified owner)

    THESE ARE AS ADVERTISED!!! Wore these socks and the technical riding pants during this year’s 24-Hours of Glen Helen dirt bike race. I rode the race in the “Ironman” class which means I rode it solo! I spent over 16 hours on the bike over a rough, technical course and never once felt lower leg or foot soreness! After the race when I took off my boots for the first time in over 24 hours there was ZERO edema or swelling in my feet. In actuality I should have had a 2nd pair to wear after the race to help with recovery (I will next year for sure!) Additionally, I was concerned with contact dermatitis from the material as I often get really itchy skin on my calf and ankles after long rides in regular riding socks. I highly recommend!

  7. John Clare (verified owner)

    Have only used these socks on one long day ride and my feet and legs have never felt better after any ride. I even wear them when not riding. These socks are a fantastic product for this 67 year old rider.

  8. John Clare (verified owner)

    I have used these compression msocks now on a few short trips and have been amazed at how well my legs do at the end of a long ride. Super comfortable.
    Now I am now on a long vacation in Colombia with my wife (sadly not on my bike). We are walking a lot here and I ware my compression socks every day. I have a problem with night cramps in my legs a ankles but when I ware these socks all day, no night cramps.
    I will be purchasing more when I get back in the states.

  9. Mike Burke (verified owner)

    I have a pair of both types of socks and recently rode a total of 1800 miles (over several days, of course) with each. They were both great although I give a slight preference to the “Performance” version for long hauls. The compression seems just about perfect. Good job, M-S!

  10. Robert Venturella (verified owner)

    Excellent product and very fast delivery. I was given a gift card from a friend that raved about MotoSkieveez and I agree with everything he said.
    I will definitely be a return customer.

  11. Eyal Sagy (verified owner)

    Added these to cart when bought a second pair of adv shorts. Used these for 5 long offroad+road riding days and they have an advantage on my other riding socks by eliminating the itchy calves and reducing pressure on the feet in the enduro boots at the end of long days. A bit hard to put on and take off so worthwhile for long rides only…
    I Will very likely buy another pair.

  12. Richard Greene

    I just returned from a 1500 mile trip from Southern Arizona to Durango Co 4corners rally. I wore my compression socks and my shirt. First thing I noticed was I never really got super hot. A lot of the others I was riding with were dumping water on their heads and such. I also noticed that my hand never got the tingles it usually does. Fluke matbe. So one day I rode without the socks and got the tingles. Socks on again and no tingles. Plus I felt much fresher than many of the other riders. I gave a pair to my buddy and he felt much fresher also. I believe these products work very well. I will be a repeat customer.

  13. Mike Sokolowski (verified owner)

    Recovering from Achilles’ tendon rupture surgery . Dr recommended compression socks. Since I’m a Moto guy a searched to find these. I did purchase the large, my shoe and boot size is a 10. They where a little tight and left lines in my leg, however I contacted the company and with an immediate response they sent me the larger size, amazing difference , great support and comfort, because of my injury I can barely walk without these. Ordering more now and looking at trying the pants next. Great company and great service !

  14. Georg (verified owner)

    I have a shoe size 9 and according to the chart I got a size M. It’s almost impossible to get them on, that’s reason I just give four stars. I’ll get a second pair but this time size L, hope that will do the trick.

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