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Performance ADVENTURE Tight is a 3/4 length tight is designed to comfortably fit next to the rider as a base layer to reduce muscle fatigue and improve riding stamina.

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The Moto-Skiveez® Performance ADVENTURE Tight is based on our proven ADVENTURE pad design. Manufactured in Italy using the latest bicycle pad technology, the new “Performance ADVENTURE” pad forms a multi density scaffold using only a single layer of proprietary foam. This applied science better maintains the pad’s cushioning and support to further reduce riding discomfort. In addition, this technology creates a pad with improved moisture absorption and better breathability.

The 3/4 length tight is designed to comfortably fit next to the rider as a base layer. Using a slightly higher compression fabric than the Moto-Skiveez® base shorts, the tight is intended to reduce muscle fatigue and improve riding stamina. The garment incorporates a waistband designed for ultimate comfort. Manufactured using two fabrics, this design maximizes breathability and moisture control. The knee section is patterned to facilitate bending and movement.

Motorcycle Performance Adventure Tight Size

2XL2X-Large44″ +

(Waist to be measured right at the belt line)

13 reviews for Performance ADVENTURE Tight

  1. Phil T (verified owner)

    These tights are stellar! Great fit and definitely increase riding comfort. I wear mesh riding pants on the big bike, but in hot weather the pants get clingy, especially in the knee/thigh area. These tights act like an anti-friction barrier between pants and skin and get rid of that clingy discomfort. I thought they might be too warm, but I don’t notice any temp difference and overall am WAY more comfortable. Work great in cold weather too. I ride smaller dirt bikes and these make an ideal base layer. I’m very happy with them.

  2. Tim McWhorter (verified owner)

    This is my first Moto Skiveez purchase. I’m about to put my Adventure tights to good use on a 5000+ mile trip (leaving tomorrow). We’ll be riding pavement, gravel, dirt, sand, and whatever else may crop up on this trip across the southwestern US. I’m looking forward to giving them a good initial shakedown on this trip. I fully expect them to perform in a stellar manner. The fit and finish on them is excellent. They feel good, fit well, and I anticipate they will perform as advertised and expected. Thanks! ~Tim

  3. Michael A Wofford (verified owner)

    The Moto-Skiveez Performance Adventure Tights are exactly what I have been searching for! I was selected to be on the BDR scouting expedition team that will be riding 1000+ miles mapping out a new route in the North East where I will be putting them to the ultimate test. The tights saw their 1st test last week on the Switzerland trail in Colorado on an 8 hour ride and performed perfectly keeping me warm and wearing comfortable with the bottom padding. Many thanks for a great product! Michael

  4. Brian Dunning (verified owner)

    The low coefficient of friction (COF) between these Adventure Tights and my mesh pants make it possible to stand on the pegs / sit down repeatedly without having to readjust the knees every time! They were comfortable during a 1,200 mile four day ride on my adventure bike at low and elevated temperatures and will be part of my pack list for future trips.

  5. Greg Gartsu (verified owner)

    The Moto-Skiveez Performance Adventure Tights:I Rode 870 miles from CT to NC 12 hours in the saddle and they were awesome and then riding the Tail of the Dragon very comfortable!

  6. Arlene M Hamilton (verified owner)

    I’m giving these a 4 star only because they are made for men, and I’m a gal with a slightly different figure. If I thought by giving it an even poorer rating would encourage them to make a women’s style I’d do that. I wore them yesterday on a 6 hour ride, and liked the comfort provided. They tended to slip down just a bit. It was in the mid-80s, and I didn’t get overall warm which was a bonus. My legs felt pretty good afterwards. Hoping there will be a female version coming soon.

  7. Gary Salter (verified owner)

    I bought these pants recently
    I washed them before first ride as suggested and it helped for sure
    Break in time was greatly reduced and after a 10 hour, 500 mile day I could tell the difference vs not wearing them
    Comfortable all day long
    Only gripe is small: worn with the compression socks, the flat seams dug in to my leg just below the front of the knee just enough to create a small hot spot
    Not enough to be a deal breaker though
    I recommend these and may even try the shorts the next time

  8. Michael Johnson (verified owner)

    I now have two of these and love them. It does take a little to get used to the pad but you don’t feel it after a while and make the seated miles way more comfortable.
    I thoroughly recommend them. I went with the tights option to allow for less friction of the over trousers – glad I did.

  9. Josh Shapiro (verified owner)

    THESE ARE AS ADVERTISED!!! Wore these pants and the compression socks during this year’s 24-Hours of Glen Helen dirt bike race. I rode the race in the “Ironman” class which means I rode it solo! I spent over 16 hours on the bike over a rough, technical course and while some soreness had to be expected, these pants worked awesome….I wore them with my knee braces and while there was some chaffing from the brace straps (again, to be expected over 24 hours) it was far less than what I get during much shorter rides. The pants were great. My only feedback would be that I wish they had a tighter weave and provided more compression…the material is thin and didn’t give much of a “squeeze” That said, the padding was awesome and fit was great. No issues with the seams, or stitching and the build quality is top notch….

  10. timothy temple (verified owner)

    Received my order of Moto Skiveez adventure tights in a quick time after ordering and went for a nice 90 mile ride two days after arrival. Even with he material being thin the tights added a nice extra layer of warmth and comfort. Movement inside my armored riding pants was smooth. Seated riding comfort was as expected, from already using MS Adventure Shorts in the past. I went for a 60 mile fire trail ride the next day and the tights were perfect for aggressive gravel road and trail riding on my adventure bike. Added with the MS compression socks I already have, riding all day or aggressively in the mountains comfort level has improved. I am very pleased with the Moto-Skiveez products

  11. Travers Bell (verified owner)

    I think these could be great, but the first time I tried them on they ripped at the waist band seam. So before I could even take my first ride they were already broken of sorts. So as I said they could be good, but they need to up their quality and craftsmanship. I think they are a great product otherwise, but I don’t see much longevity out of this undergarment. And for the very steep price tag I expected a whole lot more.

  12. Randall Smith

    My son-in-law and I road in the SCMA’s Three Flags Tour in September and returned home via the West Coast Highway for a total of about 5000 miles in 9 days. The compression tights reduced the chronic pain in my left thigh significantly allowing me to enjoy the ride in comfort not to mention the extra seat padding which enabled me to stay in the saddle longer. I also wore the MotoSkiveez compression stockings. I highly recommend these products especially if you are north of 65 years of age.

  13. Robert Nantista (verified owner)

    Been riding and racing with Moto-Skiveez for a number of years now. I am a hardcore enduro bike rider/racer. The performance adventure tights and performance comp socks are a must have in my tool box for riding and racing.
    The Comp socks are great for long flight travel as well!!!

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