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A very functional travelers shirt specifically designed for all types of motorcycle riders. This lightweight shirt comes pre-rolled and packaged into its own 9 inch stuff sack.

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When traveling by motorcycle, there are two concerns that riders need to consider for just about every item selected, function and space. The Moto-Skiveez® Traveler Shirt addresses both of these concerns.

Space – Constructed using an extremely lightweight, yet durable fabric, the Traveler Shirt can be compressed into about the size of a rolled pair of socks. It is widely accepted that the best method for packing clothing is to fold, then roll the item. The Traveler Shirt comes prepackaged into its own stuff bag to better facilitate this method. This allows for incredibly easy packing into panniers, duffel bags, etc.

Function – Based on a traditional button front shirt design, the Traveler Shirt uses micro-snap closures. Without exception, over time button closure shirts will lose a button. Buttons also tend to snag on protective riding gear. Using micro-snaps eliminates the possibility of snags or losing buttons. Two vertical chest pockets secure personal items. The left pocket has magnetic closure tabs. This allows for easy placement or retrieval of items even with a gloved hand. The automatic magnetic closure means items are secured once the hand is removed. The right pocket is secured using a horizontal zipper with a pull tab. The pull tab can also be used with gloved hands. We have incorporated a 2” four-way stretch panel down both sides of the shirt. This allows for increased flexibility of movement and increased overall comfort. Vented panels on the back of both sleeves increase air movement and also increases overall comfort.

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9 reviews for Traveler Shirt

  1. craigpolice (verified owner)

    After having owned a Moto-Skivees hat for a few years, I was already sold on the quality of the materials and workmanship of the product line.
    I’ve had the shirt for a few months now, and it has become my favorite shirt period. Comfortable for wide temperature range with its vents at the shoulders, soft and smooth on the skin, thought-out with snap buttons for front and roll-up sleeves, with convenient chest pockets (one magnet, the other zipper), it is both casual and can also handle a candle light dinner. It makes a great gift (just ordered another one) that will be appreciated by your riding buddies.
    (yes, this is an actual customer review, not some internal praise, HAAA!)
    Sizes: they are generously sized; usually I wear a XXL, but the XL was just right with long enough sleeves.
    Suggestion: after the grey/white addition in the hat department, I’d love to see one more color: sand/dune, or whatever you call it, both for the shirt and the hats.

  2. Les Williams

    Bought this shirt right before the start of Run For The Wall 2018 in California. I used it throughout the run for nearly 6000 miles of riding. The shirt is built to last and is very comfortable. I rode through every weather condition known and it held up great. I washed it and found it dried out great and was ready to go the next morning. The snap buttons are great and makes wearing it easy. Moreover, one pocket was zippered and the other has a magnet for solid closure on the other pocket. My cell phone lived in the magnet pocket which gives it quick but secure access. I chose the grey color and pleased with the shirt. I have a Moto-Skiveez technical riding shirt, too and it works great with this traveler shirt on cold mornings. When things got warmer I just rolled up the traveler shirt sleeves which cooled me down fine. Also, bought the compression socks and they worked very well on this long trip. I recommend all three products if your always looking for functional gear that lightens your loads.

  3. Wayne

    I have a couple of Moto Skiveez socks and underwear. I got this shirt to take to South America and it was awesome. Very light, comfortable, and easy to wash. This goes in the pack every where I go now. Really cool shirt and I love the magnetic pocket.

  4. Gene Bryant (verified owner)

    High quality product as always, but there is a need for larger sizes, XXL at least.

  5. Jeff Walz (verified owner)

    I usually wear Columbia travel shirts while riding, but bought this along with some Skiveez. I have worn the shirt on two very long, multi-day rides both in Europe and USA. Wore it under a Klim vented riding jacket and stayed very cool. Great quality product. HUGE pockets – one shuts with a magnet and the other with a zipper – are great to keep all kinds of items. Love the snaps vs buttons. Overall, it’s become one of my favorite shirts for riding and just for wearing on hikes, etc. It can be easily washed in a sink and will dry overnight.

  6. Richard Doering

    This is a great travel shirt. Pockets in the right places, easy to clean, breathable, doesn’t stay wrinkled, dries quickly, takes up very little space, looks good, and good for years of use.

  7. E Hyland (verified owner)

    The Traveler shirt is well made, lightweight and packs nice and compact. I have had trouble in the past with long sleeve shirts not having sleeves long enough! But with this shirt, sleeves are a good length! I look forward to many long rides wearing this shirt or packed and ready. Overall very happy!

  8. Pat Burghgrave

    Love the shirt and the snap closure. Would love to see it available in a tall size. It runs a little short on me. I have the XL.

  9. Vincenzo Gradillas

    It was helpful. Keep on posting!

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