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The uniqueness to the Moto-Skiveez® Tri-Fold hat is that it is designed to be folded and placed in any pocket. The brim of the hat folds into thirds, greatly reducing the hat’s overall size.

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This “Tri-Fold” brim along with lightweight fabric construction makes the hat easy to stash into just about any pocket. Plus with the stylish good looks of the Moto-Skiveez® logo, this hat is a must have for anyone wanting to conceal helmet hair.

The back of the hat is adjustable via a Velcro strap to accommodate varying sizes. One size fits most.

26 reviews for Tri-Fold Hat

  1. Bob Maddocks

    I received a Moto-Skiveez Tri-Fold hat as a promotional gift at this year’s Motorcycle Sport Touring Association (MSTA) “Texas Hill Country Rally.” What a great piece of gear!!! This hat is exceptionally comfortable, durable, and well made. Its greatest feature is the fact that it is incredibly portable, folding up to pocket size!! Highly recommended item. – Bob Maddocks, Colorado Springs

  2. Russ Ferris

    Got mine as a promotional gift while at the Long Beach Motorcycle show. Its very comfortable and I love its lightweight design. The fact that it folds up so small is the most unique and best part. The only thing I dislike, is once my wife tried it, she stoled it. My wife wishes they came in other colors. Now, I’ve gotta order another.

  3. Kent Slaughter (verified owner)

    I bought mine, not free like the other guys. It fits great and folds up and goes away when you want to stash it. It fits nicely in my small tank bag and also in a pocket. And it doesn’t scream Motorcycle Underpants on it.

  4. Ken (verified owner)

    I bought 4 today one for each of my sons. planning on wearing to the May 19,2016 showing of “A Story Worth Living” in a theater near me in NH. Thank you for your partnership. Thanks Sean for helping with my order.

  5. becer

    I bought one as an impulse buy. I’m glad I did! The price is right, it washes well, and carries well. The front design is not too intrusive. It looks durable so I’m hoping it lasts awhile.

    I’m back to get another to keep on my other bike.

  6. Bill

    Got mine as part of a package for supporting Where the Road Ends. Best hat I’ve ever owned. Packs small and is very comfortable.

  7. Darryll Johnstone (verified owner)

    Such a great hat! I take it on every trip and have used it on a fishing trip. It folds up into a compact unit for storage.

  8. Andreas Raffel

    I got one as a gift a few years ago, and it instantly became my favorite hat/cap. Wore it almost every day ever since, and had it in my pocket for every ride. It’s finally showing some wear, and I looked for a replacement: glad to see the second color (grey/white), got one in each color combination. Funny, I just realized that I’m wearing one while I’m writing this… Conveniences: the obvious: folds up, lightweight.
    Quick and easy to wash and dry. Looks great. Long enough shield to provide good shade. I couldn’t improve it if I tried. Top notch product.
    Makes a great gift (it was for me…)

  9. Don Funk (verified owner)

    OK, so I am on my 7th hat now! They are extremely durable, very comfortable, priced right…even helps my looks as much as a hat is able too. The one flaw is that although it feels like a full fledge hat when wearing, it folds so nice and small and can be stored away in places out of the way such as pockets, top bags, between seats in taxis…for the life of me, I keep loosing mine! Maybe I should attach a Tile to mine. Awesome design!!

  10. Julian Haddad (verified owner)

    Got the original tri-fold years ago on promotion. Great hat – take it with me when riding the bike, to the beach, amusement parks etc. folds up small enough to fit in back pocket.

  11. David H. (verified owner)

    This is one of those ‘things’ that just makes you smile because it’s so good. I got mine as a freebie with some order placed a year ago or so and it is one of my all-time favorite accessories. I didn’t realize how much I hated crushing one of my baseball-style hats in a tank bag every time I rode until I had the Motoskiveez hat. It is convenient and quite stylish – travels as well as any other piece of gear. I have bought a second. Recommended!

  12. L Weaver (verified owner)

    I was searching for a nice folding hat that would work with biking and hiking. I wanted something lightweight, folded small, and still managed to look decent. I found this site and the hat and had semi-optimistic hopes. Most of the other hats I had found were just plain ugly.
    Received this hat fairly quickly and loved it. I bought the black one. It looks great, folds small, is super light weight, and cheaper than most of the competition. I might not be in the market they were targeting, but this hat checks every box for me.
    I will be buying several more for myself and family.

  13. Bob L (verified owner)

    Hands down the best baseball style cap I’ve ever owned. Looks great, well ventilated, and folds away easily to fit in my small tank bag. I like it so much I’ve ordered two more. Makes a perfect gift.

  14. Arlene M Hamilton

    We have this hat and really enjoy the fit, or at least my husband does. It’s nice that it folds down making an easier fit into the tank bag. Now that I see it in a light grey, I’m thinking I’ll grab that for myself.

  15. Justjed (verified owner)

    Best freaking hat ever. Get one for every moto, car, truck, and bicycle, (slides right into a jersey pocket). Goes anywhere, and fits great. Other colors would be nice; red, O.D., blue, and safety yellow/green come to mind. Rock on!

  16. A Klem

    The nice thing about these hats is they look good and fold away so they can be stored in a pocket or easily fit in my tank bag. They are just the answer for covering helmet hair when stopped.

  17. Michael DeJanovich (verified owner)

    Pretty much I echo all reviews on this hat. Not heavy, comfortable, folding feature you will use. Just fantastic piece. Just get one you’ll love it

  18. Darryll Johnstone (verified owner)

    This is a great hat, functional, portable, easy to store. I have had it six years now, I wear it around the house and it goes into my motorcycle luggage on every trip. Worth every penny!

  19. Robert Upchurch (verified owner)

    I have two of these I got via a club. I love them. Perfect for motorcycle travel, they fold and fit easily in a jacket or pants pocket and take little more than a cell phone or wallet. I bought two more for gifts. They are great, highly recommend Ed.

  20. Andreas Raffel

    I have to revise by previous glowing 5 star review: all 4 of my hats had the same weak spot: the seam popped at the folding corner (where the visor is attached to the cap), making them useless unless you are good with needle and thread. Seems like my first 2 hats lasted longer than the newer ones, but that could be a coincidence. Stronger thread across the front is highly suggested. I’ll buy more once I know this is solved.

  21. Dustin

    Love this hat! Lost my original one, bought a new one, not realizing my girlfriend had also purchased me another one as a gift. Now I have two! The more the merrier!

  22. Doug

    I have one of these in each color as the lighter color is cooler in the summertime. They fold up small enough to fit in a shirt pocket. The material is light and very breathable. I am most happy with how light the material is so they don’t get to hot. I would definitely recommend

  23. Tim

    This is the perfect hat for motorcycling. It folds small to fit in a pocket. I have had mine for several years and miles. I only wish I bought two

  24. Jacob Howell

    I received this hat as part of a purchase last year, and REALLY love it. It’s light, packable, looks great. Big fan of the tri-fold bill! It’s crazy how small it packs up. Highly recommend if you’re thinking about it. Covers up messy hair great on an adventure 🙂 Thank you Moto-Skiveez!!

  25. Alan Goodsell (verified owner)

    I love these hats, I got my first one as a gift at a bike show and now have a collection of them. They are light, comfortable, cool and look good. They fold snall enough to fit in a pocket and I rerely go anywhere without one. Highly recommended.

  26. Rickey (verified owner)

    Great little hat. That’s right little. Easy to put on pocket in tank bag, any where. Then take it out , unfold and now a full size hat. Great.

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