Universal Motorcycle Neck Gaiter


Moto-Skiveez Motorcycle Neck Gaiter can be easily worn inside the helmet and provides the perfect protection for your neck and chest. Making this the most versatile multifunctional headwear on the market!

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Moto-Skiveez® is happy to introduce a neck gaiter. We liked the versatility of this product so much that we produced our own Moto-Skiveez® version

A great addition to your riding wear and one of our favorite products! The sleeve shape means it is ideal as a head covering, cap substitute, face mask, etc. A truly indispensable and versatile companion for rider or passenger. The material is a mix of polyester and soft elastic Lycra which will stay snug around the neck without added discomfort.

Instead of a troublesome balaclava, shawl or scarf that is always getting tangled up, this neck gaiter can be easily pulled up to be worn inside the helmet and provides perfect protection for the neck. It fits to your jacket seamlessly and there’s no more tiresome fumbling around.

Moto-Skiveez®, Neck Gaiter Redefining Riding Comfort.

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