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The Moto-Skiveez® CRUISER style is a universal design intended for long days in the saddle where the majority of discomfort is from the seating area beneath the pelvis.   The primary riding position for this style, is any rider where the knee is positioned horizontal to the hip joint.  This places most of the weight and pressure directly beneath the “sitz bones.”  This design works well with all motorcycle positions as well being a great option for passenger riders.

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small (waist: 26″ – 30″), medium (waist: 32″ – 34″), large (waist: 36″ – 38″), x-large (waist: 40″ – 42″), xx-large (waist: 44″+)

5 reviews for Cruiser Skiveez

  1. Kent
    4 out of 5


    have used on to separate rides one from Portland to Las Vegas in one day and a two day trip round trip from Las Vegas up to Fallon and back, very comfortable but wish the leg length was longer.

  2. Allen
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    Recommend. Noticeably reduces my tailbone and bottom fatigue making weekend rides more comfortable. Even my legs feel better. Padding makes seat more comfy too but it’s the increased riding comfort over time and distance that make this a definite buy.

  3. shawn

    (verified owner):

    From J. Mickle via email, 8-24-15;
    I was so happy to find Moto-Skivees, I was getting tired of traditional underwater feeling like they were cutting me in half. I also found as I’ve gotten older, I was having issues with sitting on my junk, Moto-Skiveez keep my junk secure and safe from being squished.

    I was also considering a new seat for my 2010 Goldwing, but after one ride with my Moto-Skiveez, I stopped looking at new seats, yes they are that comfortable.

  4. Clif O'Brien
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    These shorts really work, and they work really well! The cruiser Moto-Skiveez made my ride much more enjoyable and I can go much further with comfort and no hot spots! No need for me to look at having my seat rebuilt or buying another seat. These shorts do the trick!

  5. Terry
    5 out of 5

    (verified owner):

    I have two pairs of adventure style Moto-Skiveez that I’ve been using for two seasons on my FJRs (with Laam seats). Upon initially putting on the Skiveez each time, they feel a bit bulky; however, within a few minutes I don’t even notice them, even when I’m off the bike (I wear them with Kevlar jeans). The Skiveez consistently have increased my daily ability to comfortably sit on my seat by about 2 hours and my rear is not sore for the start of the next day. Additionally, the Skiveez do not cause heat retention and stretch very nicely for overall comfort. The added comfortable time on the seat makes riding much more pleasurable. On trips, I’ve worn them for several days in a row and they don’t retain any smell (gross I know but a fact). I’ve washed them in a hotel sink, rolled them in a towel to squeeze out all the water and hung them to dry overnight. These are an outstanding product in my experience and I’ve subsequently purchased them for my wife, son, daughter-in-law and a friend; they all enjoy the Skiveez too. I’m about to buy a set for my brother for a trip this summer. As a point of comparison, I purchased the Skiveez to replace another brand of MC underwear without padding that was highly rated by many FJR riders (for me, my wife and my son). The cost of this other brand was only slightly less than Skiveez and I figured I’d buy them as I was leery of padding. The only benefit to these other MC underwear was that they were stretchy and added comfort in that regard; however, each of us was absolutely miserable when wearing these underwear, as they caused our whole bodies to heat up and stay that way until they were taken off. I wore them numerous times and sort of got used to them but they were terrible in the summer. My wife and son only wore them once (they are in the drawer and it was an expensive experiment). And no I’m not a sales person for Skiveez … just passing on my experiences for others to consider.

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