Lady Skiveez

The LADY Moto-Skiveez® employs the latest in bicycle pad technology. Developed in Italy, this new technology creates a multi density pad using only a single layer of proprietary foam. The pad is attached to a breathable, lightweight undergarment specifically designed for the female anatomy. This garment is comprised of two different fabrics. The first fabric is chosen to allow moisture transfer. The second is a mesh fabric selected for its breath-ability. The use of different fabrics creates a base garment that is optimized for moisture management and breath-ability.

This universal LADY design is engineered to improve comfort in most riding positions.

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LADY Moto-Skiveez Front
Designed to the highest manufacturing standards using four needle flat seam construction.
Double layered fabric in groin section to provide ultimate comfort and tactile softness.
Mesh fabric construction to provide maximum breathability in critical areas.
Wicking fabric chosen to provide optimum moisture management.

Pressure relieving undergarment for ladies for all types of riding position. Get Yours Today


Comfort Through Innovation

The Moto-Skiveez® LADY pad uses the best features from each style of our men’s designs to create a universal pad that works very well for all motorcycle riding positions.  The LADY pad is specifically designed to interface with the female anatomy.  The “Ischial Tuberocity” or sit bones on the female pelvis are further apart than in the male pelvis. Special consideration was given to this issue, as well as other anatomic concerns,  to ensure the best possible placement of pad density.

Surface Fabric infused with silver ions for permanent antimicrobial, antibacterial treatment

Moto-Skiveez Lady Skiveez pad

4mm square perforated foam throughout. 6mm memory foam main body. 3mm perforated memory foam in legs

Moto-Skiveez SPORT padding specifications

Both convex and concave corrugations with vertical ribs impede irritation

Moto-Skiveez ADVENTURE pad layers

Pressure relieving undergarment for ladies for all types of riding position. Get Yours Today